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Q:    What is and how does it work?

A:     Every business day of the year a one-line selling skill development Tip of the Day is sent free by e-mail to all participants.  A brief paragraph explains how other top sales professionals apply the strategy. will help your sales force increase their selling skills every day, for free, forever!


Q:     How does make money?

A:     Our service contributes to the professional development of sales people for free. But we charge a fee to help sales managers with their very different deveopment needs.  Every business day of the year a Sales Management Strategy is sent out by e-mail.  It includes the Sales Tip of the Day one day ahead of when sales people receive it, and it tells what other sales managers have done to support the selling skills recommended.  This service is provided at a cost of $50 per manager  per month.


Q:     How do you get on these professional development programs?

A:     Send an e-mail address to for each sales recipient and the service will begin free at once. 

         Send an e-mail address and billing address for each manager to and the service will begin at once and will be billed monthly (or whatever increment is best for your business).

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